Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How to Avoid Stress and Depression 

Here is a few guides to avoid stress and depression and keep your mental healthy;
  1. Talk about your feeling. If you have problem, talk to whom you most believe.

  2. Stay active and follow a healthy life style. Make exercise as one of your family's activities.

  3. Eat nutritious and healthy foods. The healthy mind start with healthy foods.

  4. Do something that you really like and will make you satisfied. Eg., make sure you are in interest in your work and carrier.

  5. Always spend a quality time with your family.

  6. Accept for what you are. Don't compare yourself with anyone. You are special for being yourself.

Depression - Part 1: What is depression and the Symptom of Depression 

Depression is not;
  1. A while sadness
  2. God’s punishment
  3. Intentionally unwilling to work
  4. Self weakness

Depression is;
  1. A sad feeling and a feeling to be alone that happen almost everyday.
  2. A lost of enjoyment in life or in whatever things doing.
  3. Intentionally unwilling to work.
  4. Less interested in all things include in oneself.
  5. A problem of ‘psychomotor agitation’ and ‘psychomotor retardation’
  6. A feeling of not worthy or guilty without a concrete reason and always feels useless.
  7. A desiring and dreaming to suicide.
  8. When one start losing expertise and the focus to the environment.

A few symptoms of woman's depression;
  1. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.
  2. Infertility and Depression.
  3. Pregnancy Loss and Depression.
  4. Antepartum Depression.
  5. Pospartum Depression.
  6. Menopausal Mood Disturbance.
  7. Gynecological Cancers and Depression.

What Causes Depression;

  1. Genetic Factor;
      Genetic is one of the cause of depression. There was a case where depression caused to suicide.
  2. Biology Factor;
    • It can happen when the chemical; serotonin and norepinephriene in the brain are less produced and this will make and individual in stress.
  3. Psychology Factor;
    • The psychology disorder that causes depression is a difference of thinking pattern of that person. There's among of us who always in imagination , think negative and hallucinate of hearing something.
  4. Social Situation and Environment;
    • Social situation happen if when a person can't facing a lost or failure in her/his life. When you have problem, try to talk about it with someone you trust. Don't keep it yourself. It can harm you. Below is a few problems that usually can make someone depress;
      • The lost/death of someone beloved.
      • Divorce.
      • Financial problem.
      • Problem at work.

The Symptoms of Depression;
    1. A long time sadness.
        Everyone in this world definitely have a feeling of sadness. Usually, a person would feel sad maximum for 5-7 days. You are said to have depression if you feel sad for the long two weeks or more.
    2. A daily routine disturbed.
        You are easily lost of focus even when you're in communicating with your officemate. You're fail to give full focus not only to the discussion but to the computer in front of you.
    3. Somantic symptom.
      • Suffer from headaches.
      • Over tire.
      • Insomnia.
      • Body illness suddenly.
      • The failure function of sexual/erection.
      • Feel like faint. Happen in a short time but frequent.
      • Non stable hormone problem.
      • Lost of appetite.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Manage Stress By Getting Quality Sleep 

Why do you need enough sleep? When you sleep, it gives your body and mind relax. Thus ensures your utterance, memory and thinking to be rational. The needs of sleep is difference to everyone. In average, every person needs about seven to eight hours of quality sleep a day. A quality sleep makes you feel fresh when you wake up in the morning. As exercise, an enough sleep will make you feel active and healthy for the whole day. But not all of us can get enough, quality and easy asleep.

Here 11 easy tips to get a quality sleep;
  1. Sleep and wake up at a same time everyday
    It teach your body to create biology clock.

  2. Wake up early in the morning
    It makes your body fresh and active for the whole day. And you will get easy sleep during the night.

  3. Don't lie down on your bed or spend a minute of sleeping at daytime
    This can make you sleep at the wrong time.

  4. Avoid alcohol
    Alcohol is said to give a relax effect and help to get easy sleep. But, when the effect going slow down, your slept will be disturbed. Furthermore, alcohol can damage your health!

  5. Incorporate a good routine of exercise
    Your mind and body will feel more relax. But make sure you not exercise just before you sleep. It just make you more difficult to sleep. But do it in the morning. You will feel the great effect!

  6. Prepare a fragrance
    Make your bedroom more pleasant, thus make you feel relax and you will sleep like a baby.

  7. Avoid watching Tv or reading
    When you enjoy watching Tv or reading books, it makes you more difficult to sleep. Moreover when it is the time you should sleep.

  8. Relax your mind
    You will feel more calm and relax. Learn the right breathing technique.

  9. Avoid overeating
    Overeating may make falling asleep more difficult. Try to eat your dinner at least two hours before bedtime.

  10. Don't starving yourself
    If hungry, eat nutritious foods like cereal, bread biscuit. Take it in a small portion. It just enough.

  11. Drink hot milk
    Milk contains amino acids which has cerotinin. It can make you easy to get asleep.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Laughing: A Great Stress Medicine! 

Stress, anger and depression are categorized in a negative emotions. They are not only giving a negative health impact, but also attract heart problems and making other treatment to become slowly. Apposite to the positive emotions like love, hope and humor, they are proven as an effective medicine to avoid many health problems and making people feel better.

According to Steve Wilson, M.A., CSP, a psychologist and laugh therapist, laughing can make people a lot better off and they might be healthier too. Other study by Doctor Michael Miller of the University of Maryland Medical Center, he prepared 20 healthy student from 20 men and women watching a great comedy movie and a type of war movie (in difference time) to create two difference emotions.

The study found that blood flow decreased in fourteen of the twenty people after they watched the war movie and the decrease was an average of thirty-five percent. But the blood flow increased in 19 of the 20 people after they watched the comedy movie. The increase was an average of twenty-two percent. Doctor Miller says that this is similar to the effects of aerobic exercise!

Other research shows that a manageable laughing can increase breath and improve the body immune. Besides that laughing could be a good supplement medicine to reduce sickness. This is because laughing can removes a natural painkiller which is endorphine.

Let see in a short point what laughing is actually benefits you.
  1. Reduce stress.
  2. Elevate mood and make you feel good.
  3. Making body relax.
  4. Avoid heart problems.
  5. Lower blood pressure.
  6. Reduce sickness and give strength to the body.
  7. Increase the antibody level.
  8. Boost immune system.
  9. Similar to a aerobic exercise!
  10. Strengthen the abdomen muscle. Same as a crunch or sit-up!
  11. Improve brain functioning.
  12. Wider the blood vessel, and sending more blood to all muscle in the body.
  13. Look prettier and younger!
  14. Making your face skin look fairer and beauty!
  15. Connect you to others!
It's amazing! So, get laugh. It's cheer your day and making you healthy!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Panic and Anxiety Attacks Can Be Cured 

If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, you are not alone. According to the National Institute of Health, 1 out of 75 people have these attacks at some time in their lives. It is estimated that twice as many women than men suffer from this disorder. Some cases are much more severe than others.

It is very controversial what causes these attacks. Some researchers believe it is hereditary, while others believe it is an imbalance of two neurotransmitters in the brain: dopamine and serotonin. For many, just the thought of having another anxiety attack can bring one on, so it becomes a vicious cycle which can be extremely difficult to break.

Many symptoms are tightness in the chest and stomach, dizziness, lack of oxygen, fear which cannot be controlled, and a feeling of passing out. Some may experience anxiety or panic attacks while driving in rush hour traffic, boarding a plane, giving a speech or an experience where they feel they are not in control. The fear of losing control is usually the strongest contributor or causation to bring an attack full speed ahead.

I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for many years. While many resort to medication or therapy for this condition, that was not the route for me. I didn’t want to deal with the side effects of pills or become dependent on them for the rest of my life. Therapy was useless for me. However. I was bound and determined to beat this disorder once and for all.

I found the most amazing cure and it has totally changed my life. I will never have another attack. I have learned how to stop them dead in their tracks before they even begin. It was so easy to learn and has made such a difference in my life. Now I feel confident and in control of every situation.

By: Cathy Barela
About The Author: Cathy Barela lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves the mountains, music, outdoors, sports, writing and helping people achieve their goals.

10 Fun Ways To Become More Active - Every Day 

You know you should be getting some sort of exercise, you know of all the health benefits that come with a more active lifestyle. You've tried the whole Gym thing, but it just wasn't for you. The temptation to just sit in front of the TV, to curl up with a good book, or to spend a little extra time at your computer is just too big. Who wants to head to the gym right now anyway?

There are many other options to get more active that don't include jogging, weight lifting or other "traditional" ways to work out. Here are a few ideas to get you moving;

  1. Chase your Kids around the Yard You'd be surprised at how much of a work out you'll get playing catch with your kids. Time will fly while you are having fun and your children will enjoy the extra time with you. Just get out there and play.

  2. Turn up the Music and Dance around the Living Room While you're dusting, putting up dishes, straightening up the kids' rooms, or after you've been sitting around for too long, just play some of your favorite upbeat music and dance around in the house. Not only will you get your heart rate up, but you'll also have more fun doing some of those chores.

  3. Plant some Flowers When the weather is nice, just get out there and plant some flowers. Or you could start a little vegetable garden, trim some hedges, cut the grass, or plant a tree. You get the idea. Just get out there, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and play in the dirt. Yes, this actually counts as exercise in our book.

  4. Go for a Walk with a Friend Take a walk and invite a friend to come along. I've had some of the best conversations while on a walk. Getting to chat with a friend makes the time fly by and before you know it you've been walking for 30 minutes.

  5. Listen to some Music or an Audio Book while You Walk Again, keeping your mind on something else will make the time fly by and you'll get some extra fun out of your walk. You may even want to consider getting an MP3 Player. You can easily add what you want to listen to and go for your walk.

  6. Sign up for a Yoga or Pilates Class Consider starting a yoga or Pilates class. Both of these workouts are pretty low impact and won't leave you sweaty and sore (mostly). You may also enjoy meeting some new people in the class.

  7. Take some Dance Lessons with your Partner Ok, here is the tough part: Convince your partner to take some dance lessons. Dancing will give you quite the workout and it's just plain fun and of course romantic. Think about all your options here. You can pick from anything from Ball Room Dancing, to Line Dancing, to Latin etc. Pick something that sounds fun to you and go for it. You'll enjoy the extra one on one time with your partner as well.

  8. Go for a Swim at Your Local YMCA or Aquatic Center Swimming makes for some great exercise. It is low impact and easy on your joints. Start by swimming a few laps, or play in the pool with your kids.

  9. Go for a Bike Ride Take the entire family on a bike ride. You can ride through your neighborhood in the evenings or plan a longer trip for the weekend. Pack a picnic for extra fun and start peddling.

  10. Go for a Hike Look for some hiking trails in your area and go for a hike. This could be a fun activity for you and a friend, or take the entire family along. Start with some easy trails and work yourself up to some longer or steeper trails.
Go ahead, pick one or two of the activities and get moving. I'm sure you'll come up with plenty of versions of your own. The most important thing is to find something you enjoy, so you'll stick with it. Get out there and get moving today.

Article Source: Health Guidance
Author: Susanne Myers

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Facing Anxiety In The Workplace 

Almost everybody, no matter how confident they may seem, has a great fear of the unknown. Everybody has his own anxieties and combating fear is such a great challenge for everyone. For some, it may even be a source of entertainment as portrayed in the hit reality TV show "Fear Factor".

Anxiety is something not just shown on TV, it is something very real. One place that can create great anxiety in people can also be the place where most people built their careers and the place where they get their own source of income - the workplace.

Work is one of the leading sources of stress and anxiety. Dealing with strict supervisors, chances of a demotion, whether you can get your job done on time and ultimately, the fear of getting fired can really give every worker something to be anxious about.

In any workplace, there is an existing system that you are forced to adhere to. These may include rules, regulations and office policies. Sometimes anxiety is brought about the fact that there may be some conflict of interest between doing what you think is right and what the present system dictates. This may be further illustrated when workers have to deal with customers or with their relationship with their co-workers. It is human nature to ease his or her own anxiety - either by adapting or leaving your workplace.

The first step in combating anxiety is to accept that you are undergoing such stage. No matter how society might judge you, seeking professional help is greatly recommended.

You can also effectively lessen anxiety with physical workouts. Studies show that breathing exercises using the diaphragm muscle can lessen anxiety. Yoga is also a popular and unconventional way of managing anxiety. It allows oxygen to circulate efficiently inside your brain and this can help you relax and think more clearly.

You can also try simple steps in eliminating anxiety. The first thing to do is to jot down your strengths and your weakness. Focus on your goals and point out what you can do to achieve them. Talking to someone is very important in coping with anxiety. You can have a casual talk with your friend or spouse over the matter. They may not give you solid solutions to your problem but letting it all out can help a lot.

Article Source: Health Guidance
Author: Jason Rickard
Website: http://www.yourfavouriteshop.com

Thursday, September 28, 2006

7 Easy Tips To Reduce Stress 

There are 7 easy tips on how to reduce stress and bad emotion. Have a try!

  1. Smile
    Even when you're angry, try to make a smile. Your anger can be decreased and you will fell better. Don't believe it?. Have a try!

  2. Tidy Up Your Bedroom
    Messy bedroom will make you more stress. Put your dirty clothes into a special basket, tidy up your bedstead and wash up your coffee cup. Don't let ants partying in your favorite cup!

  3. Wear Blue T-shirt
    A blue colour is well known for it's coolness. Wear this colour of cloth to make you feel cool. But don't wear an orange cloth because it can excite a hot spirit. Red and purple colour are well known to stimulate energy.

  4. Hear Your Favourite Music
    Hear your favourite music to excite good feeling. It will make you feel happy.

  5. Refresh Your Appetite
    Make a difference in your daily diet. Don't know how? It's simple like this; add a few slices of strawberry into your fruit salad or put a slice of peace into your peanut butter. Have a try!

  6. Take a Smell on Lemon
    Cut a lemon into a few slices and put them into your drink. The fresh smell from the
    lemon slices can stimulate your body to be more active.

  7. Stroke Your Pet
    It's good to have pet. Stroke your pet after coming back from work. It can make you feel good.